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Diabetes Life Insurance

Life insurance designed with you in mind

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, Diabetes Life Cover is designed with you in mind. It’s different from standard life insurance because it works flexibly with your health. If you’re keeping your health in check, you could pay less over time with Diabetes Life Cover.

Life insurance explained

Life insurance can pay out a lump sum to you or your dependants:
• if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness meaning you have less than 12 months to live, or
• if you die within the term of the plan.

You can choose how long you want your life cover for (the term) and the amount you’d like to insure.

Getting a Quote

Use the short enquiry form below to request an indicative quote or request a call back to discuss your cover requirements. Once you're happy with the cover level you want, you'll be emailed a confidential health questionnaire which is returned directly to the life insurance underwriter for assessment.


What happens when you apply
Because Diabetes Life Cover is designed specifically for people with diabetes, the application is tailored to your condition – so you won’t be asked unnecessary questions. On receipt of your health questionnaire, you'll find out there and then if your application is accepted, or if more information is needed. Either way, once you’ve applied, if you meet the eligibility conditions you’ll be covered straight away.

In your application you'll be asked how well you keep your diabetes under control. You can provide your HbA1c test result at this stage if you know it – this will help the underwriter give you an accurate premium that’s tailored to you.

What we need to see
You'll need to provide evidence of your HbA1c blood test result within three months of your application. If you don’t know the result the price will be estimated, and when you send in the evidence they'll adjust the premium based on your accurate result.

Your HbA1c test result is something you may already have, or if not, you can ask your GP for a copy. You can send it through the post or email a scanned copy.

Request an indicative quote and full details of the policy using the short form below, or request a call back if you'd rather chat things through first.

Request A Quote

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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